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Cash For Kids Mission Christmas Appeal – The 46,110 Reasons Why We Support TFM!

The festive pinch sees struggling families unable to afford the cost of Christmas and for the 1 in 3 children across the UK living in poverty, Christmas gifts are luxuries their parents simply can’t afford.

Considering coronavirus and its impact on Teesside, it’s easy to understand why over 46,000 applications have been made on behalf of local sick and underprivileged children to the Cash for Kids Toy Appeal.

Here at Atha and Co, we have always been proud to support the people of Teesside, usually when they have been injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault. This time though, we couldn’t more pleased to get involved with Mission Christmas – it’s such a fabulous appeal that aims to provide every local child in need with 3 toys to open on Christmas morning.

Hear Charles Atha, of Atha and Co, explain to TFM’s Steve and Karen why Atha and Co are so keen to support Mission Christmas:

Lesley Kerrison, Atha and Co’s Marketing and Business Development Manager said: “It’s unbelievable to imagine in this day and age any child having nothing to open on Christmas Day. We have been involved with Cash For Kids before and love the fact that almost every penny donated goes to local children. We are really pleased to get behind this appeal and encourage others to do the same”

If anyone else would like to get involved and make a donation to Cash For Kids Mission Christmas appeal, please click here.