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Cash For Kids Mission Christmas Appeal – The 58,917 Reasons Why We Support TFM!

At Atha and Co we were delighted to support such a wonderful cause in Christmas 2020. The festive period often sees struggling families unable to afford the cost of Christmas with 1 in 3 children living in poverty. 2020 of course brought with it the additional gift of Covid to add to that pressure.

Supporting a local Toy Appeal whose main aim is to provide every under priveleged local child in need with 3 toys to open on Christmas morning is such a good cause and it was our honour to get behind it.

We were proud to have been part of the campaign which helped 58,917 local North East Children by raising almost £3 million pounds and encourage others to do the same..

If anyone else would like to get involved and make a donation to Cash For Kids Mission Christmas appeal, please click here.