Why Choosing a Local Lawyer is Effective for Injury Claims?

Any injury claim will find you in a stressful time in your life. When you have already lost so much and face losing so much more, it sometimes feels hard to keep your head above water. There will be loads of parties trying to take your case on. Some of these firms may have ulterior motives as to why they want your case however they lack a lot of desirable qualities that a local law practice can bring to injury claims. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident in the north east or maybe looking into making a medical negligence claim you will benefit more from going to a local lawyer.

How Can Local Lawyers Help When It Comes to Medical Negligence Claims?

Being a victim of medical negligence is a traumatising time. Suffering life-changing injuries and losing out of your favourite activities and hobbies as well as the impact on your everyday life can become very challenging. Making a medical negligence claim can be hard towards the individual for numerous reasons; constantly recounting the injury and discussing the pain over and over can take a toll on the person’s mental health and become detrimental in the long run. You will need a solicitor that knows how to approach the situation in the correct manner and local lawyers tend to be able to build a better rapport with their clients. 

What Can A Local Lawyer Bring To My Road Traffic Accident Claim?

Just as with most injury claims, taking action after road traffic accidents can be stressful and needs to be handled with care. When you contact your insurance provider they will tell you to use their team of lawyers however this may not be the best method. Although it does seem like the more convenient it is best to take some time to decide the path for you. 


A lawyer local to you is the advised route when it comes to claiming for a road traffic accident that occurred in the north east for many reasons. Where it is safe, face to face meetings or visits will be good for the client as they will be involved in the claim and making sure they are the centre of case when looking into compensation. No case is the same and a person’s needs for compensation can be completely different to others so having a say on what you feel you are entitled to is crucial going forwards. 


Knowledge of the local area should be a standard when it comes to road traffic accidents however large companies who just want to pass your case along will most likely be miles away from where the accident occurred. Knowing the area from a personal aspect is beneficial. The local knowledge of how the area operates and the day to day issues that local lawyers will likely encounter in their personal lives can help them when it comes to the small pieces that could help to win cases.


When you look to take out any injury claims make sure you look at what will be most effective and not what you think will be most convenient. You have no legal obligation to go with insurance provided lawyers and it can work out in your benefit to shop around. During a medical negligence claim it will be better for the client to have a rapport with their legal team as they go through this turbulent time. Local lawyers provide a level of care and knowledge that comes with someone that shares the same surroundings as the client as well as the case. 

What Does ‘No Win, No Fee’ Mean For Injury Claims?

Whether you have suffered an accident at work in the north east or a road traffic accident, you will no doubt be wanting to look into the compensation which you may be entitled to.


The changes to your life will come at a cost and you deserve compensation however you may be worried about people able to afford solicitors. There are options out there for people who find themselves stuck with this problem. No win no fee solicitors are there to allow clients to claim for compensation no matter what financial issues they face. There are people who become skeptical of this approach as it seems too good to be true. So what does ‘no win, no fee’ actually mean?


What is ‘No Win, No Fee’? 

The biggest stigma to legal battles is that it’s expensive. However injury claims work a lot differently because you need personal compensation. No win no fee solicitors form a contract with you that says if your claim is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay them for their time. It’s as simple as that. Solicitors will take out an insurance claim to cover medical reports, court fees and any other expenses that will be needed to make said case.

What Happens If I Am Successful?

If there is a reasonable chance of you winning your case the more likely your case is to be taken on so there will be concern as to how to pay when this is all over. Before they even take your case on, solicitors will evaluate the likelihood of winning the case and will get a good idea of the rate of success. People think that when all is said and done they will be presented with a huge bill they will have to pay. Fortunately no win no fee solicitors will include their fee in the compensation you will receive from the persons or company responsible for the accident or injury. So in case of an accident at work the company that displayed the negligence to cause your injury will be held at fault.



Further advice on moving forward for anyone who may worry about needing free legal advice would be to join a trade union. Fearing you may be injured from an accident at work comes in most job sectors. Trade unions are put in place to make sure all members will receive free legal representation and will secure 100% compensation. Enquire around about joining your trade union as soon as possible as you never know when a life-changing accident could occur.


When you have found yourself in a challenging time and the cost of how these events will affect you will alway be looming over you, you may feel as if you have to miss out on compensation because of hearsay on the price of good legal representation. There are lawyers out there ready for these situations and have your best interest in mind when looking at making claims. Lawyers will go out of their way to make sure you have the opportunity to get what you deserve if there is a reasonable chance of you getting said compensation. Make sure you are informed of what is available to you when you find yourself in these situations where you feel you have lost something at someone else’s fault. Be prepared in the workplace by joining a trade union making sure free legal representation is available to if the unfortunate does happen. Never let an accident take your world away from you.


If you would like any further advice then get in touch with our expert team today here at Atha & Co.

Has Lockdown Impacted Your Driving?

The surge of coronavirus caused an unparalleled amount of lockdown measures across the world during 2020 and early 2021, which caused drivers across the UK to limit their travel. However, as things slowly begin easing, statistics now show motorists are finding it challenging to get back on the road again. 

Being off the road during the pandemic has caused a lot of shifts in driving habits. Statistics suggest that the average number of miles has been driven down from 583 miles per month to 90 miles over the past month. What’s more is that the highest amount of errors made by UK motorists during lockdown are stalling (28%), finding difficulty in parallel parking and forgetting to indicate (21%). 

Cars parked in a car park

A fifth of motorists have struggled to get to grips with driving again since being off the road during lockdown. Around 18% say they have struggled to get back to normal behind the wheel of a car. To strengthen this point, Hyundai carried out a survey revealing almost half (48%) of motorists are concerned that the standard of road users’ driving will be worse now that the restrictions have started to be lifted. A point to note is that anxiety can lead to disorientation, which causes a lack of awareness of a road, which in turn, leads to accidents. 

Moreover, four in ten motorists said they hadn’t visited a filling station over the past 28 days, with 12% suggesting that they had forgotten which side or end they filled up or charged their car. On top of this, almost half of motorists are concerned that the standard of road users’ driving will be worse now restrictions have been lifted despite one third of the drivers surveyed said they had been driving more cautiously since the start of the pandemic. Here at Atha & Co, we care about drivers staying safe out on the road. We understand there are tough times in the world at the moment and the pandemic has left even the calmest motorists nervous. We strongly urge motorists to take extra care!


Charles Atha of Atha & Co Solicitors, Middlesbrough said “we are as delighted as everyone else that some normality is being resumed, tho we encourage drivers to be extra careful when they get back behind the wheel of their car… In the event that you might be unfortunate enough to have an accident that was caused by someone else then Choose the One You Know… Atha & Co”.

Re-Building Shattered Lives

People who suffer an injury caused by the negligence of someone else, need and have a right to re-build their lives. Going through a personal crisis – whether it is short-term or life-changing is bad enough without being made to feel ashamed about making a claim.


Atha and Co believe that injured people in Teesside deserve our empathy and understanding. As a nation, we should be focused on what genuinely injured people need, rather than on myths about their motivation and misconceptions the specialist lawyers who fight for their rights and help put them on the road to recovery.


“Rebuilding Shattered Lives” is a campaign from APIL that supports and tells the often never heard stories of those who suffer from a personal injury. Its’ aim is to remove the misplaced stigma of those victims who simply want to get on with living their lives.



Charles Atha – Managing Director of Atha and Co said…

“It is worth remembering that injured people who are forced to claim in order to re-build their lives should never have been injured in the first place! When the worst does happen they need compassion and help from specialist lawyers to get their lives back on track and this is where we can help.


We recognise the importance of supporting every element of the injury. This could be practical support for clients with physical/mechanical equipment which enables them to live the lives they are used to, organisational support (organising their physiotherapy, rehabilitation and other relevant appointments)or emotional support which is so often necessary during what can otherwise be a difficult, confusing and stressful time for people who are not used to it. At Atha and Co it is about far more than the money and many people don’t realise this. ”


If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault then Atha and Co can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call Middlesbrough 222575 or find more information on our website here

What to do when accidents happen at work

Falling victim to an accident at work can be distressing and confusing – and many people are left unsure of what to do next. Fortunately, Atha & Co are on hand to offer the best personalised advice to help employees get back on their feet. 

You might not know it, but your employer is responsible for your health and safety at work. No matter the size or type of organisation, all employers are required to provide a safe and secure working environment, in which their employees are provided with proper equipment, clothing, training and support.

However, no matter what precautions are put in place, accidents at work can – and do – happen.

What kind of accidents can happen at work?

The team at Atha & Co have substantial experience in dealing with injuries suffered in a wide variety of work-related accidents, including slips, trips, falls and spillages, as well as collisions on the roads involving delivery drivers.

Injuries caused by these accidents can range in severity, from minor lacerations and sprains, to broken bones, severe burns, repetitive strain injury and psychological injuries caused by sudden and stressful situations.

No matter the circumstances or injury, though, all employees have the right to seek assistance and advice on how to move forward and seek justice.

What to do when you have been involved in an accident at work?

Regardless of the circumstances and who was to blame, the law takes work-related accidents seriously and makes it extremely difficult for employers to escape liability for any harm that is caused to their employees.
If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident at work and you suffer injuries as a result, you may be able to claim for compensation.

Virtually any accident at work can be attributed to some degree of negligence or mistake on your employer’s behalf, so even if you think you might be partly to blame, you should still get in touch with a trusted solicitor.

The law in is this area is complicated and specialist knowledge and experience is vital.

Why choose Atha & Co?

The experts at Atha & Co know that accidents in the workplace can hit a nerve in more ways than one. In addition to dealing with physical injuries, many people feel frustrated and let down by their employer. Knowing what to do next can be confusing – but that’s where Atha & Co can lend a helping hand.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, their team of qualified solicitors, will support you from beginning to end, ensuring you are treated as an individual – not just a name on a file.

Not only will they take the time to get to know your case inside-out and ensure you fully understand your legal rights, they will put every effort into seeking the best medical advice possible.

This means that, if required, you will receive rehabilitation that is suited to you, helping you recover and move on from your work-related accident as quickly and successfully as possible.

And if that wasn’t enough, thanks to their years of expertise and unfailing dedication, the team will also ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries, meaning you can move on from your accident with peace of mind.

If you’ve been involved in an accident at work and you’re seeking professional advice, contact Atha & Co’s team of expert solicitors on 01642 222 575.