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January Success Stories

Employee suffers facial injuries in accident at work

Our client was employed by the Defendant company as a mechanical repairer when he had an accident at work. Our client’s employer failed to provide the adequate face mask and as a result suffered a cut to his chin which required stiches.
We brought a claim against the employer for their failure to take adequate care of the safety of our client and for exposing him to a foreseeable risk of injury. Whilst the employer denied liability, We maintained our position, in that the employee had not had the adequate training and the equipment provided was not sufficient and that the incident could have been entirely avoided if the employer had carried out an appropriate risk assessment.
We arranged for our client to be examined by a plastic surgeon, to assess his injuries, his current and future needs and to assist us in valuing his claim. We issued proceedings against his employer.
We subsequently negotiated a settlement of £10,000 for our client, with which he was very happy.