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Medical Negligence

The vast majority of medical staff are dedicated to doing the best for patients but occasionally they do make mistakes and accidents do happen. In order to pursue these claims, it is important to have a solicitor who is experienced in the field and able to cut through all the medical jargon and get to the real issue of what went wrong. The medical organisations, unfortunately, still are very much of the view that when anything goes wrong it is simply an unfortunate accident and not due to any fault of anyone within their organization.

At Atha & Co we know they are often correct, but we know that there are many instances when medical experts, just like anybody else, do make a mistake and in those circumstances, you are entitled to compensation.

At Atha & Co we deal with these claims sensitively and professionally. We investigate them thoroughly and ensure that we get to the bottom of exactly what happened so that we can then advise whether anybody has been at fault and if so we can then ensure that you obtain full and maximum compensation for the effects which can often be devastating, life-changing and long-term.

We are not afraid to take on powerful insurers and professional bodies who have the resources to defend their organisations even in cases where they are clearly at fault.

We know that such claims can be extremely stressful, and we are able to provide the experience, the expertise and support to ensure that injured people get full and proper compensation however long it may take or however difficult the claim may be.

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