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How we work

We provide straightforward, sensible advice from local, experienced Personal Injury solicitors. That’s what we do. Nothing more, nothing less. Your claim will be handled by the same qualified solicitor from beginning to end. We don’t delegate to paralegals, file handlers or any other unqualified staff.

We offer a no-win no-fee agreement, so if your claim is unsuccessful then it costs you nothing at all. We don’t ask you to pay anything up front either, so the cost of claiming is zero. We will even finance any out of pocket expenses such as medical reports. In other words, we take all the risks.

We believe in our clients. You’re the most important thing to us, and we’re very proud that the majority come from personal recommendations, both from existing clients and from professional colleagues. A satisfied customer is often the best advert, and we’re sure that you’ll be more than satisfied with Atha & Co.

What Makes us Different?

Perhaps the most important service that we offer is that we are prepared to see you, in person, and discuss your claim at any stage. Not all Solicitors offer this service and many will try to tempt you to instruct them, when they are not even local. A simple Google search for ‘accident solicitors in Middlesbrough’ will reveal large numbers of Solicitors anxious to secure your business, who are not even local to the North East, never mind Middlesbrough. We believe that to deal properly with a Personal Injury claim, it is essential that your Solicitor is able to discuss matters with you, face to face. There are somethings that simply cannot be properly dealt with at the end of a telephone or by an e-mail conversation. If you really do wish to have your claim dealt with in that way, then perhaps we are not the firm for you. We prefer to deal with our clients in person, on a one to one basis, from beginning to end. Not all Solicitors work in this way and it is one of the things that makes us different.

Dedicated to you

At Atha & Co., we’re dedicated to getting the best possible settlement for you. After all, our clients come to us on the basis of our reputation and track record, and are often recommended by existing clients and professional colleagues. Unlike some solicitors, we don’t pay referral fees to insurance companies, claims management companies or any other organisation. This gives us the freedom to act and advise solely in your best interests.



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